„What benefit is there in forced meditation that is not free of the distraction of mind“

The master of all

We must teach others to be patient and humbled. Tsangnyon is the Master of all meditation. The only truth is the decentralization. The Journey is starting here. A Dream is transforming into a vision.

To become mindfully aware of our surroundings is to bring our thinking back to our present moment reality and to the possibility of some semblance of serenity in the face of circumstances outside our ability to control.

Tsangnyon gradually became famous and gained supporters and disciples. Many of the leaders of the areas he visited became his benefactors and devotees. The network of people who supported him eventually enabled him to accomplish several of the works for which he became famous.

We are Ryoshi – The Master Tsangnyon



WE BELIEVE IN decentralization..

..therefore we decided to burn the liquidity permanently, renounce the contract ownership and settle down for low taxes (6%).

Tsuka is a cipher of Tsangnyon Heruka. We are supporting it with Tax going towards the Deployer.